Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Useless Factor is one year old!

Actually, it's a little more than a year old; I started this blog on December 19, 2006 with a still-relevant post on Factor's forms of if. I meant to put up a "happy birthday me!" post on the right date, but I forgot, so now: Happy Birthday Me!

Many of you brave, intrepid blog readers have endured more than a year of dry, technical posts approaching 2000 words a pop just to learn what I have in my head, giving me a refreshing boost of self-importance. Be proud of yourselves!

(As a little side-comment about Steve Yegge's recent blog post about long blog posts, I write for a long time for a somewhat different reason. I don't try to make readers endure one huge sitting, but rather try to explain everything as fully as is needed to give a good understanding of things. Because of the topics I usually write about, this sometimes takes a long time. I do this completely without noticing; I only think about it when someone points it out to me. I will never limit myself to 1000-word blog posts, because there's just too much important stuff to say.)

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