Friday, January 11, 2008

Factor hack in NYC

This is kinda short notice, but if anyone's in the New York area today, Zed Shaw is organizing another one of his Factor hackfests in Manhattan, which I'll be going to. The details are at his blog (unfortunately I can't find a link to the particular article, just the blog index). So it'll be at Earth Matters (177 Ludlow St) at 7 PM on Friday, January 11th.

Update: Sorry to those of you who couldn't come on such short notice, or on this continent. The whole meeting was really fun, though. In all, nine people came, four of whom had barely seen Factor at all before then. So I gave a little tutorial introduction along the lines of this blog post using factorial as an example. I also explained inverse, demoed shufflers, and talked about stuff about bignums and complexity, but I don't think I explained those things in enough depth to be clear. Luckily it wasn't a complete monologue on my part, as Zed and a couple others made helpful comments to help my descriptions and stuff. Then we devolved into random discussions about various things, some Factor-related and others not, which occupied the majority of the evening and was really fun. There's a good chance I'll be back in New York next April for the first few days of Passover, and I hope to see many of you there at a later Factor meetup!


John said...

Yikes! How about a little bit of advance notice. I would have loved to be there, but no way I can with 6 hours notice!

John Hall

leonidas tsementzis said...

direct link:

nice stuff, just half an earth away (Greece) :)

Colin said...

Hey Daniel, it was great to meet you. Thanks again for the talk, I learned a lot about Factor - I think it might have broken my brain, I hope I get a chance to play around with it some more to make it all sink in.

Anyway, thanks, and hope to see you again!