Monday, March 8, 2010

Paper about call( -- ) inlining

Since I think my method of inlining closures in Factor is stronger than previous similar optimizations, and since I wouldn't mind a potentially free trip to Toronto, I wrote an abstract on what I did for the PLDI student research contest. It's called Closure Elimination as Constant Propagation (not sure if that's the best title). It's supposed to be under 800 words, and it's about double that now. Readers, I'd really appreciate your help in fixing errors, figuring out what to cut, and finding what is unclear and what I left out. Send me any suggestions as comments here or by email at Thanks!

Update: I edited the paper, and changed the link above.

Update 2: There's also a severely abridged version, which is more like what I'll submit, here.

Update 3: I got accepted to PLDI! If you're coming, I'll see you there!

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