Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Post removed

The post that used to be here was wrong and pointless. I've removed it, but if you're really curious, it's just commented-out as HTML, so you could still read it.


Karl Dubost, W3C said...

The W3C didn't make yet any changes. Paul Grosso of the XML Core WG is making a call for comments. There is nothing which has been yet decided.

About the Conformance topic. Conformance is a tool, and it is quite understood by engineers, it is a way to define class of products. So you can organize, articulate your specifications around principles depending on the type of products you are implementing.

Conformance has nothing to do will valid or well-formed. These are technical requirements. Then a conformance section can choose to enforce them or not.

For example in the HTML 5 Editor's draft, there is a conformance section which relates to the requirements of recovering from errors and mistakes. What you could argue is that some technologies have been developed with requirements which are too strict for some environments, contexts, ecosystems. It's why technologies evolve, and then the standards are modified under economic and social pressure. It is part of the Process.

google优化 said...
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