Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My little blog is finally growing up

I'm so happy! I had my first angry anonymous blog comment! Here it is; it was to the article Factor with a dash of curry.

WTF are you on? "More fashionable"? How about "correct"?

I had heard people talking about the shit people put on blog comments, but finally I get part of the action too! Thank you, Anonymous! This implies that I must have some kind of readership of some sort... strange.

If you don't understand that comment at first, I didn't either. I searched my article for 'more fashionable' and found that I wrote "Factor's curry is, by the more fashionable nomenclature of those at Lambda the Ultimate, partial application..." This is an example of what I would call interesting diction (or at least an attempt at that); I wasn't trying to say anything bad about LtU or misrepresent what currying 'technically' is.

Anyway, Haskell Curry was just a guy. His last name doesn't have any inherent meaning. In fact, no word has any inherent meaning, but rather only the meaning given to it by the people who speak a language. Pick up some Wittgenstein, Anonymous!


K said...


From practical considerations, it's usually better to not overload a word with different meanings that exist in the same operational realm, unless your goal is ambiguity. Thus when people notice you're doing this, they assume you're either offensive or ignorant.

Daniel Ehrenberg said...

I wasn't the one who overloaded it. It was already in usage this way. I just described it, and refrained from criticizing alternative usages of a word simply because they are different than one particular usage. In human language there are many, many words with multiple meanings dependent on context.

K said...

I didn't imply you were at any fault - just tried to explain, what could had upset the comment's author. I find it logical enough - you're part of the game where the overload is used and apparently have no problem with that, so you're responsible.

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