Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bye for now

So the time has come for me to leave for Carleton College. I'm taking a one-month break from blogging and programming so I can meet people rather than be inadvertently isolated. But I'll be back next month; don't leave forever! I'll be continuing my Unicode series, describing word, sentence and line breaking properties, as well as collation. I'll also try to write more basic Factor introductions, since I've received a few requests.

So, in the time that I'm gone, why not look at some of my older Unicode-related posts and introductory posts, if you haven't yet? The earlier ones aren't as good, though, I should warn you. You'll often see a warning message at the top of the posts, too. But I hope you enjoy them. If you have any questions about these, I'll still be responding to comments and emails.

So, over the next month, why not start your own blog? And if you already have one, and you haven't been posting for a while (you know who you are), why not maintain it? I never thought I could write a reasonable blog, or that anyone would read it if it were reasonable. But I just wrote about what I knew, and it turned out pretty well so far. In computer science, there are so many ideas out there which no one has written about, new ideas and old ones. If you're working on any sort of programming project, you probably have an interesting one in your head. I'd really enjoy reading about that idea, and I'm sure others would too.

So, I'll see you in October!

Update: I just got an on-campus job programming PHP and/or EMCAScript. This should be interesting...

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Slava Pestov said...

Have fun at college, Dan. You'll meet lots of interesting people and have many interesting life experiences there. Soon you won't be "littledan" anymore!